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10 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Rina,

    How u doing? I came to your blog section just to know the review of “3 mistakes”….then saw your profile….I do have the same profile professionally but I am not freelancer but always wanted to do…..can u plz help me in that. I need some guidence about how to go for freelancing web developement ….. I use ASP,SQL SERVER,COM,JAVA SCRIPT,HTML.

    Any help will be greatly appriciated.

    Best Regards
    – rajeev

  2. Hello Rajeev,

    thanks for visiting my blog and writing to me 🙂
    Well, as far as freelancing web development goes, projects from friends, referrers .. in short, projects from people in your network should be the begining.
    If you are looking for outsourced projects, there are various options available where you can bid for projects..just a search on google should get you plenty of options.

    hope this helps,
    – rina.

  3. Hi Rina,
    I can talk in Gujarati,
    mara blog ma mare Gujarati ma type karvu hoy to kevi rite kari sakase, i have only Guajarati Saral Font, so pls help me,
    Thanx in advance,

    Nagraj Barot

  4. Hi Reena….

    How r u ? …. Well i want a little bit of help by your side.

    I have a web based hospital management information system and i want to convert my whole web based project into gujarati language. so could you just tell me what is the approach to convert the whole site into gujarati.

    Basically I have developed the whole project in j2EE .

    So please could you help me out in this..

  5. Hi Rina I how r u
    I came to ur blog searching 3 mistakes of my life
    its to good to see u here n that there r many people in india too who love to reade books

    Help me searching for the book online n if possible send me its URL

    Vinod Kumar

  6. hi Rina,

    I have a problem.In the media section I have added a extra field called “tag”.And I have also create a filed called “tag” after post_excerpt in the wp_posts table.In the admin section when i am adding tag value with a media(image).Its no problem,table also updated successfully.Now when I am going to media search in the admin section here I think media search is related with title and media description.But I want to search all media with respect to media title and my extra field tag.
    What I have to do?Please help me.

  7. Hi…here’s the gud news…now u can change ur display name in gtalk…just read d followin posts…

    Sign into GMail..Goto “Settings” >> “Accounts” >> “edit info”.. Select d radio button with textbox for “Name” field…

    Type d wished “Name” in d textbox n click “Save Changes”..At d same moment ur name changes in GMail Chat..

    Just sign out n sign back in to reflect this in GTalk… Hope dis help… or u can get back to me 4 further help…

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