Pls answer – BookMyShow

The theatres were closed due to swine flu in mumbai last weekend but website still allowed booking of the tickets. We were surprised but still we booked for sunday thinking that shows must have started again. And when we went to the theatre, it was obviouly closed.

And the reply that we got from them was a standard one

“With regards to the mentioned transaction, since the show was cancelled from the cinema, the amount charged for the same would be surely refunded back to your account.

The refund has already been processed from our end. Since the same needs to be processed by the bank, the amount would surely reflect in your account at the earliest.

We regret for the delay in response and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Looking forward for your kind co-operation and patience.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,
Web Administration(NP)

But money has still not been refunded and they have no answers for

  1. when will the money be refunded
  2. who will pay for the waste of time and money (travelling to the theatre and back).

3 thoughts on “Pls answer – BookMyShow

    1. u may be right Joel but the thing is tickets were only available for single screen theaters and we didn’t have their numbers.

      And when we saw that tickets were available on sites like bookmyshow from where we book tickets everytime and its always gone perfect, we thought may be they have opened it up again.

      We never thought that the show would have got cancelled and still the bookings were allowed.

      I think before opening the booking, bookmyshow should have double checked with the theaters

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