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I need a website !

world wide webWhen someone comes up and says “I need a website”, I have a couple of questions to ask

  1. Do you know what you need in the website ?
  2. Do you have an idea of the kind of design you need ?
  3. What about logo and color combination ?
  4. Do you have content ready ?

If one doesn’t have the answers for 1, 2 and 3 but has some of the content, its easy to suggest / recommend 1 and 2 and then get on to 3.

So the key is content, without which its very difficult to plan the strategy for the website.

“Do the design first and then we’ll give content”.

It’s very difficult to get an appropriate design of a website without knowing what will it contain.

So then what’s the right way ?

According to me, the right way would be to get the content / atleast partial important content in place first and then only its possible to plan the strategy for the website and then comes the design.

But I’v no idea what should it contain ?

Well, thats not a problem. It’s possible to discuss and explain the kind of content a particular website should have. That would help in getting the content in place.

Again its debatable and I’m open to it 🙂


8 thoughts on “I need a website !

  1. Well-written! Unfortunately, most clients who want a website don’t have any idea about any of these. It’s more like “Here’s our annual report — you can get the content from it. Here’s an image I found using Google Image Search — I want it on the header…”

    1. Exactly .. In this case, we can try to explain them the basic idea behind having a website and even help them put it up but again its up to them ..

  2. Sound Promising.

    I have worked with designers in past who first create just basic interface of website, than ask client to put content on it. After content integration, they create beautiful design and graphics on it.

    – Hiren.

    1. It is suitable when you are rolling out a CMS website or a blog where you provide a general template and then once the content is in place, the design is done.

      But again, the appropriate design is possible only after the content is in place..

  3. It’s like wanting a car. Get me the car first and then I will tell how much do I have to drive and how many ppl will sit in the car? And they want customized website like a customize car and want to pay peanuts like a mass car.

  4. Interesting post.

    Having been involved with a couple of people recently who had exactly the same requirements i can relate to what you are trying to say.

    Most people don’t have an idea of what they want on their website. This beats the whole purpose of brand or product visibility through the Internet and they end up putting content which is either irrelevant or just a mish mash of a lot of things.

    Although i am not a web designer and i probably don’t know the intricacies of how these things work but i guess there needs to be a better way to deal with those clients who come with a typical “I Need A Website” query.

    I think what needs to be done with them is to show them the potential of what a website can do and get an idea of what they intend to achieve through it. Most of the times the answer to what you want to get out of a website will be “I want a snazzy website so i can give my clients the link and show them that i have an online presence”.

    I think slowly slowly what will happen is that the breed of just pure web developers who only “create” websites will diminish and the ones who survive will be the ones who are willing to engage more with the uninformed client to understand how a website will benefit the client and be able to deliver the right solution.

    Lets say something akin to thinking out of the box and more than just a web designer.

    What do you say?


    1. I totally agree .. even i don’t give into the idea of creating a website. It should be providing a complete solution. And then leave it on them to utilize its potential.

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