Book Review: The 3 mistakes of my life – Chetan Bhagat

The 3 mistakes of my life - Chetan Bhagat

Why [is this post written] ?

  1. After so many comments here, I had to read this book and I did !
  2. Now, I’m going try and review this book
  3. I’ll look forward you your views as this is the first time I’m going to try and review a book.

Who [are the main leads] ?

  1. Govind, Ishaan and Omi – three best friends
  2. Ali – born with a gift, Vidya – a heroin..
  3. Bitto Mama – the villon

Where [is the story based..locations] ?

  1. Ahmedabad – Gujarat
  2. Australia
  3. Mumbai, London et. al

What [does the story revolve around] ?

  1. 3 best Friends start a business – a Cricket shop..yeah, they are die heart cricket fans
  2. A boy called Ali who is a born genius in Cricket..change their life
  3. Political rivalry, Earth Quake, WTO, Godhra riots …and ya, a love story too … all packed in one!

When [does the story take U-Turns] ?

  1. Earth Quake
  2. a love story..not really a U-turn but no story ends without a romantic angle !
  3. Godhra riots

How [is the book] ?

  1. A film story .. written solely for mad indian crowd .. I mean it !
  2. Full of all masala [Read: Drama, Action, Thrill, Romance et. al] that you find in a block buster Bollywood movie .. and I’ll not be surprised if a movie gets released based on this book !
  3. Lastly, narration is packed with twists and turns .. You won’t leave the book until you finish reading it !

Oops..looks like even I ended up writing all in 3 points 😉


9 thoughts on “Book Review: The 3 mistakes of my life – Chetan Bhagat

  1. hey common rina u are being too mean here… Chetan writes for the Indian audience and his style makes us relate to the characters more…i mean look at the first day sales of his book…does tell u something doent it..and he has brought a larger section to read books…
    i dont find anyhting wrong with it being very Bolly like… i mean what exactly does everyone mean by it being bolly…explain plssss……..i’m a bit confused here after readin u’r review..i suppose u liked it… or ?? but u’r blog looks cool… i hate to admit it… u’r better dan moi…!!

  2. I really like his style of writing.. It keeps u engrossed and he has a unique charm when it comes to dialogue associated wid the characters.. His writing is really intellectual.. But all of his three books had bad endings.. it is full of drama.. The pace of last few pages become really fast and is totally filmy.. esp. the ending.. Hence feels as if purpose is lost.. I liked five point someone better. This is almost similar to it.
    Anyways kudos to his writing style and character association..


  3. this story really touches my heart….the friendship…the circumstaces…n all.
    they had been down with thier losses in the bussiness after the earqauke still they tried to forget the past n continued to do their jobs( actually i have got the 1st mistake of his life …..i have read till that much n im continuing the book to read n get the other mistakes)…

  4. I am a great fan of CHetan Bhagat. It is indeed a pleasure to co-relate the characters with real life. He did an awesome job in his first two books.
    I have just started with his third one. But,i felt that the momentum is quite lacking in the starting. May be its too elaborate and emphasis is given more on small stuffs,especially the guys plans of starting the new business. It is quite boring. His previous editions are far too good that i never felt like stop flipping through the pages.
    I know, its not right to comment on the book unless i finish reading the book. Hoping to read through more interesting pages since i have high hopes in Chetan’s books.

    Kudos to Chetan !!!

  5. I’m a fan of chetan sir his books are very simple yet very intresting,every one finds himself in some characters,like for example any enginnering student will think of such acivities that we read in his first book “five point someone” and with his new book its very diffrent comparing to his old one,its matured and more meaning full.
    continue….. writing sir.

  6. nice review. But don’t give too many clues.. chetan bhagat have to sell the books too right? :).

    I agree. Complete masala book that the teenagers are crazzy to read. Infact all his books are aiming these people.

  7. sir,i hv jst finished reading up ur 3 mistakes of my life and i m highly impressed by ur writing nd the way u potrayed each character was pleasing and the love story shown in the novel is exactly wat happened in my case except fr d fact dat i met my frnd`s beautiful sister who is now the love of my life in coaching center not as a teacher bt as a senior……

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