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The 3 mistakes of my life – Chetan Bhagat

While surfing today, I happen to visit Chetan Bhagat’s Website. Yeah, you guessed it right, he is the famous author of two bestsellers “Five point someone – What not to do at IIT!” and “One night @ call Center – The story of the night there was a phone call..from God“.

The 3 mistakes of my life

I have read them both, in fact these were the first two books I read and Five point someone is one of my favourite books!

His third book, titled, ” The 3 Mistakes of my Life – A story of three boys who start a business in Ahmedabad” is out. As I visited his new website, I also read the excerpt of this book. And the interesting part was at the end when it says,

“Want to know what happens next? Get a secret, bonus excerpt, just invite 3 people you are close to in your life to visit this site.”

Just out of curiosity, I did fill that up and got an email with the link to the bonus excerpt which said

“Bonus Excerpt of “The 3 mistakes of my life”

P.S.: Do not refresh this page or close this window. You have to read this bonus excerpt in one session within half an hour.”

I must say, cool way to market and get more people on the site to visit and read 😉

Interestingly, even Chetan Bhagat has started blogging and no points for guessing, just like Amitabh Bachchan’s blog, his blog is also done using wordpress! Looks like every body is getting hooked on to blogging and wordpress!

I am definitely going to read this book soon, have you read it?

Update : I’v finished reading this book and have posted the review of this book here..


38 thoughts on “The 3 mistakes of my life – Chetan Bhagat

  1. No doubt chetan is the guy who MADE INDIA READ BOOKS… before reading FIVE POINT SOMEONE, i loathed the novels and other books but he made me enter the wonderful world of books and novels!
    Even with his current novel this guy is not trying 2 make some bucks instead he wants MORE people to read what he has written…

    I’ll be waiting for your blog on chetan’s latest book’s review!!!

  2. @ mukul saxena
    “he made me enter the wonderful world of books and novels”

    me too 🙂

    will surely review the book once I read it..

  3. i am currently amidst the book, half read, half left. it is true that before i started reading his books, i was a freaky towards english novels or books, whatever it is. thanks to him that put the weight from my head and make me feel lighter and amused to read books.
    what i feel about this new book is that he is a little bit more wide in explaining the things in the starting if the story, it may make the starting a little bit less amusable. but as we proceed, something goes with the story and suddenly excitement starts.
    i am not known to the ending, but could not stop me from writing something while i am on the pitch.
    hope to finish it today….. but nice composition by the author….
    enjoy reading…..

  4. @ Aarohi Mehta and @ Bhaskar
    Thanks for the comments…
    one negative and one positive review on the book makes me more curious to get the book read it ASAP 😉

  5. i hv gone thru this book in my 10 hour train journey could u believe that ? this 3 mistakes of my life is really awesome and treat to read afterall. I m also very keen lover of cricket or u can call me cricket ka keeda and being a student of journalism and mass communication i hv also been in touch wid all bthe incidents closely related wid the life of 3 guys viz godhara or W.T.C.
    I have really enjoyed this book very much and last but not least i can say this is one of the most wonderful book i have ever read. It will never be a hypertbole to call Mr Chetan Bhagat A real magician.

  6. The book is simply mesmerizing…Every Indian will find a glimpse of his/her past somewhere while reading this masterpiece.

  7. hi rina..

    love chetan bhagats both d prior books..
    was waitin for his third book..
    finally got it in my hands..
    half way down..
    i jst love his style of writin..
    cheers to him..
    flavina glynn

  8. well…….have finished reading the book…..”3 mistakes….”
    what I would like to say here is that the book is good…..worth reading…..but plz…..dont expect another “five point someone” that was a masterpiece and this one is just a gud novel to read……..

  9. Its verry good.
    when i was reading that book I feel like it is my story.
    the wording and the dialoges and the Environment created by Chetan are so real that It comes to me like a picture.

  10. hey.. chetan rocks yaaa! i had read this book and like his two previous published books this books has got a sweet flavor.

    story based on the life of 3 friends..the depth of their frenship was really awesome.more to read about how a person learned from his mistakes. wonderful book,touch of reality makes me love it more.

  11. Good to read so many popular fans of CB. We ( are going to interview him very soon on such similar topics. I met him this weekend in Pune.

    If any one wants to contribute, drop a line to me and/or visit our website.

    Mayur Pathak
    Chief Editor,

  12. I read One night @ call center, and it’s awesome. Yes definatly chetan rocks in after this review, i cant stop myself to read “The 3 mistakes of my life” 🙂

    – Hiren

  13. Hello,

    I have never read novels in my life and when i used to see some of my friends reading Novels always I used to think these people are crazy, but today after i read CB’s “3 mistakes of my life” i am addicted to it. It is really a great book and it makes us remember the past life. Believe me i was just picturising myself in one of the roles in few incidents. Hats off to CB. Right now i am reading “One night @ the Call Centre” which is again a master piece and most of the call centre agents come through these kind of situations in their life. Keep up the good work!!!!

  14. helo
    really ths is not masterpiece like “FIVE POINT SOMEONE” bt i can say confidently it is more interesting whn u know abt tht OMI and ISHAN …… hey wt u thinking yaar they r part of ths novel .VIDYA ……whn u read ths novel thn u can predict hws life to maintain according 2 BHAGAT SAHAB
    i m big fan of CHETAN BHAGAT coz his writing skill is superb n he knows very well hw to consolate wth the character…….
    oviously! if u hav a time plz read it ……

  15. Did u read the book yet?……..i somehow felt it was all too overboard……way too much drama!

    Ihave written a review in my blog site :

    check it out…….plz remember to leave ur invaluable comments 🙂

  16. I have read all the three books, all are too good. But somwhere i feel dat the characters of the five poin… and 1 nit…. are a bit same, lik Hari can be compared to Shyam and Ryan can be compared to Vroom. But anyways all the three books are awesome and these books have brought me in the world of novels as i was not a reader kind of person. Now i m waiting for his new novel to come. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  17. I was not used to read books earlier. I bought this book during my journey from pune to delhi. After reading three chapters i could not stop myself and read the whole book. It is really the best book. I like the conversation of Vidya & Govind

  18. hi
    i have read this book recently and i find it very addictive.
    i like the book very much and i would also like to suggest my friends to read this book.

  19. Hats off 4 him.d only thing i can say is he can improve english of those person who cant even undestand simple words through his novels.i can bet 4 this thing.if an individual reads his all d novels then he will improve in every field

  20. I m a BIG fan of your novels. I was not used to read books earlier. I have read 3 mistakes and now reading 5.someone.

  21. the book,
    made me hook,
    to the beautiful world,
    of govind & his herd,
    made smile wen he,
    thnks of vidya with glee,
    & wen he thnks of ish,
    and his veins rush,
    with fear,
    & wen he talks of omi,
    if there afool as much as him show me,
    really i loved Ali,
    i’m gearing up 4 ur nxt novel already…

  22. Hi story is fantastic i read the whole book in just six hours at night. When i started reading the book my curiosity for the next event was uncontrolable. Great idea and very good presentation of characters.

  23. Chetan bhaghat is very famous writer. He writes many of book like- 2 states, 3 mistakes of life etc. I like him.

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