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bbPress 0.9 and WordPress Integration


bbPress is forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress.

I had to do bbPress and WordPress integration and was looking for quick steps or quick tips but at the end when I started with the install, I was surprised to note that I didnot actually need any help to install and integrate them both!

bbPress integrates with wordpress very easily, and with bbPress 0.9, you really don’t need to do much to integrate them both. These are just a few easy steps I had to follow:

  1. Download bbpress-, Unzip the downloaded directory and Copy the directory named “bbpress” in to the root folder of your wordpress installer. [you can rename the directory to whatever you want, like “forum”, “community” et. al]
  2. Now open your browser and go to URL of your bbpress directory [something like and Follow the installation steps
  • Step 1 – Database configuration

you will need to give your mysql database connection details, i.e. Database name, user name and password [which could be same as your wordpress database]

  • Step 2 – WordPress integration (optional)

This is the step to integrate to wordpress. There are two important integrations

a) Add cookie integration settings

you need to provide WordPress address (URL), Blog address (URL), cookie integration settings, WordPress cookie secret key and WordPress database secret.

WordPress cookie secret key: This value must match the value of the constant named “SECRET_KEY” in your WordPress wp-config.php file.

If your WordPress wp-config.php file does not have this key, visit WordPress secret key generation site to get your SECRET_KEY and then copy that into your “wp-config.php” file [define(‘SECRET_KEY’,”your secret key”);] and to your bbpress install.

However, If you are using wordpress 2.3 or lower, you will need some more steps to integrate your wordpress cookies with your bbpress install which are given here.
Essentially, you will need to install two plugins, MD5 Insecurity for bbPress and Mouldy Old Cookies for bbPress to your bbpress install.

WordPress database secret: installer picks this up automatically from your wordpress install

b) Add user database integration settings:

Just tick mark ” Add user database integration settings”, you will not need to do anything more here and then click “Save WordPress Integration Settings”

  • Step 3 – Site settings

This is a simple step again, just fill in Site name, Site address (URL) and “Key master” account [this is like super admin with all the controls]

That is it, if your server does not have write permission, you will be asked to create bb-config.php file and copy the configuration to that file and save it in your bbpress root.

You are ready to login to your bbpress forum that you just installed!

Did you found these steps useful or had any problem in the installation ?


3 thoughts on “bbPress 0.9 and WordPress Integration

  1. I did this and it seems to be working but I still have a couple of problems. My wordpress comments show the “display_name” so If I have created my account in the forum and then go to the wordpress page it says “You are logged in as .” I’ve figured out that this happens because bbpress uses “user_nicename”. I haven’t been able to find a fix to this yet.

    Also, if I logout of wordpress it logs me out of bbpress as well but if I logout of bbpress it leaves me logged into wordpress. Have you experienced any of these problems? Have any ideas how to fix them?


  2. @ Ethan

    yes, I did check the problems you mentioned

    for “display_name”, there is a plugin called “Use Display Name” which might help [I haven’t tried it] –

    and as far as login-logout is concerned, it works fine with me both ways.
    If you are using wordpress version 2.3, you may need to add the following

    in bb-config.php –
    $bb->usercookie = ‘wordpressuser’;
    $bb->passcookie = ‘wordpresspass’;

    in wp-config.php –
    define(’COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ”);
    define(’COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);

    Do let me know if that solves your problem

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