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Breaking News!

Searching the Domain name

And the breaking news [rather sad news] is that no domain is available for me !

No domains?

Yeah, you heard it right. All domains with shahrina, rinashah or rina are booked!
Sometime back was free and i was hoping to register on this 20th April but its not available any more 😦

Why 20th April?

20th April, coz its my birthday and last year I gifted myself a domain called and thats how Acelin Creations came into existence. But I have kept it as a professional blog and after sometime I felt a need for a personal blog as well. So after playing with a blog at, I had thought of registering a domain for my personal blog on this birthday.

So what will I do now?

I m going to stick to for the time being 😛

Why? You don’t like being at

Not that, but there are so many limitations and restrictions. I don’t get flexibility in terms of playing around with the design and wordpress customizations that I can do to my own domain. I can’t install plugins of my choice, I can’t even install themes of my choice, I have to choose from the ones provided by forget about testing the themes I develop. And above all, I don’t own my blog. 😦

Have you changed something on this blog?

yep, I am trying a different theme from the set of themes provided by Do let me know how do you find the new look 🙂

UPDATE: Desperate Journalism !


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