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iRead on Orkut!

Facebook already had it, now Orkut adds it too!

I am talking about iRead, an application which was available on Facebook is now going to be offered on Orkut as well. You can read the official announcement here: orkut Blog: App Highlight: iRead

But the question is was it needed on Orkut? according to me, the answer is yes.

Orkut and Facebook both are the most popular social networks. Many do like all the various Apps on Facebook while others like me find it really crowded by all the apps.

But application like iRead is much needed for a social network. And looking at Orkut which is not really cluttered with lots of Apps [hope it remains so always 😉 ], iRead is a much needed and most welcome application!

What do u think?

PS: have you tried Shelfari [social network of books readers!] ?


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